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Nadis Diamonds carries a diverse range of diamond neckwear to match any motivation. Whether it be a stylish Riviere necklace or a more subtle solitaire diamond pendant, Nadis' catalogue includes only quality-crafted designs.

Nadis' Diamond Necklace Collection


Explore Nadis Diamonds' assortment of elegant diamond tennis and bangle bracelets set with stones of all shapes and sizes in both white and fancy colors.

Nadis' Diamond Bracelet Collection


Nadis Diamonds offers a vast array of diamond stud dangling diamond earrings in addition to its custom creations. Browse our selection of both classic and contemporary pieces designed with diamonds of all shapes and sizes.

Nadis' Diamond Earring Collection

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Nadis Diamonds offers a vast range of diamond rings in addition to its loose diamond portfolio. Nadis' bridal selection includes all the traditional ENGAGEMENT RING settings - everything from solitaire settings to classic three stone designs to antique-style pieces- all finished with the finest quality diamonds.

For all your other special occasions, Nadis Diamonds also carries an exquisite collection of ELEGANT DINNER RINGS set with our larger GIA and EGL certified stones.

Nadis' Diamond Ring Collection


Nadis Diamonds also specializes in constructing custom diamond jewelry by utilizing precision craftsmanship and by maintaining a detail oriented approach throughout the entire creative process. Nadis' meticulous approach to every custom order ensures the creation of the highest quality finished pieces.

Please Contact Us for more information on how to begin construction of your ver own custom diamond masterpiece!