About Us


Nadis Diamonds ia a direct importer of quality loose diamonds. Nadis' longstanding relationship with established global sources of quality goods allows it to provide its clientele with exceedingly competitive margins.

Nadis Diamonds primarili supplies the wholesale industry with certified (GIA & EGL) and non-certified (commercial) stones from its own extensive inventory of larger sized loose diamons.

Nadis also offers quality diamond jewelry and custom-designed pieces to the retail public. For more information about one of our finished pieces or to inquire about our own custom design, Contact Us directly to make an appointment.


Since 1978, Nadis Diamondshas been an enduring presence in the wholesale diamond industry. Nadis is recognized as a highly experienced and professional corporation whose reputation and expertise distinguish it from others in the trade.

Over the last 32 years, Stephan Gozumian and his family'e efforts have crystallized Nadis as a trustworthy and reliable enitity in the global diamond market. Nadis Diamonds has grown upon the strength of its traditions and it continues to expand through firm devotion to its core business values of honesty and integrity.